Vianney - French singer revives French romantic music

Dear readers,

In France music has its own pace. Of course the worldwide music charts don't change a lot. You have the most famous singers like Rihanna, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber.. This is the mainstream of music. You will never be surprised because they do not take much risk.

 Recently in France, a new wave of French singers singing in French are blooming. Vianney is one them. His music could be classified as pop French. In live you will probably see him playing acoustic version of his songs. His songs revolve around the theme of Love.

 His lyrics are refreshing, more straightforward like the new generation. I would describe it as a mix of poetry and everyday life words. His last album is eponymous "Vianney" (2016), it is his second album.


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Why is French "Baguette" so famous in France?

Dear readers,

In France bread is an essential part of our routine meals. 

French "baguette"
If you have the chance to go there don't be surprise if you see French bread laid on tables for breakfast, lunch or dinner in restaurants! 
The most common one is the "French baguette". If you go to France you will probably see some baguettes tops peeping from underneath peoples' arms. 

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Beautiful Nature in Paris

Hi everyone,
It's been a longtime since I haven't post anything. Many things happened in my life. But I'm back and will try as much as I can to keep sharing with you interesting topics and also my work as a photographer as I became one :) 

To start here is my latest work called : "Beautiful Nature" :

As I'm walking in the street of the city of Light, I'm always amazed by the beauty of this city. So I wanted to dedicate these shots to Paris and share them with you.
Feel free to comment, you can also follow me if you like my pictures.


Instagram : robertnai

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