| FLASHBACK | The 1st LED Cathedral in the world

If you missed it like I did. The Light Festival in Chent took place in Belgium in 2012, just above France. The visitors could admire the astonishing LED cathedral that lit up the entire city of Belfortstraat (North West of Belgium) with a glamourous rainbow Vegas ornamentation. The result is amazing. More than 55 000 LED lights were used to lit up the church.

See the picture below :

 Isn't it stunning !? I still can't believe it.

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La Marche - A French movie to fight racism

Yesterday, I was lucky to see "La Marche" (The march") in preview showing at the Gaumont Cinema in Paris, Boulevard des Capucines.

The story revolves around the huge peaceful walk that took place in France in 1983. At the time,  many cases of police killing occured in France. Arab French, African French were  killed by police out of hatred and racism. As a consequence, three teenagers who saw their parents struggling everyday since they arrived in France, had the idea to organize a peaceful walk to send a message "against racism and for equality" to French people.

The movie is astonishing as it depicts very well emotionally what immigrants possessing legal French paper go through : intolerance, racism, hate. As you see the movie, you really get into it and share their fight. You can almost feel the hate quite visceral from the French people living in the countryside. You do ask yourself how come so much hate is possible. But what amazed me were the little moments of  happiness the movie manages to create. These moments are a reminder of what we all are, people having feelings striving for a peaceful living for ourselves and our children or future children despite our origins.
Why do "foreigners" have to demand a resident permit since they have been living and working in France for more than 20 years? This were the type of injustice the teenagers and the parish priest were walking for.

Instagram : robertnai

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Paris 13th district tower : Temple of Street Art

Dear readers,

I wanted to share with you a great event in Paris (Oct 2013): The "Tour Paris 13" adventure.

If you take the French tube on the line 6 and then passes by Bercy stop, you will notice a strange building which stands out from the others : the "Tour Paris 13" 13th district Tower. It looks like someone had poured a giant bucket of orange paint on it. (see picture below)

13th district Tower

The second thing you will see is the huge crowd surrounding it. See the pic below.

Why are there so many people there just for an old building ?
Here is the story. 
This old building dates back from the 60s and was meant to be demolished but an artist M. Ben Cheikh in charge of the "Itinerance gallery" (that organized the event) was given permission by the 13th district's town hall of Paris to use it as an artistic playground. Eventually no less than about a 100 artists went inside to express themselve freely.
7 months later, the building became the "Tour Paris 13". For a month, people could visit the tower. As a consequence more than 15000 people visited it. Getting inside was really hard, I mean really really hard. You need the patience of a Jedi which means at least a 6 hours and a half wait for an one hour visit.

Why ? would you ask me.

For security reason. No more than 50 persons at a time could get inside to avoid unwanted accidents.  Everyday people were lined up all around the building, hoping to visit the tower. Some even tried several times before they could get inside as it opens at 12 o'clock to 8pm only.

Teenagers playing badmington to pass the time.
As for me, I tried three times! 1st time I came à 2pm, the place was already crowded all round I decided to go to a coffeeshop with my friends. Second time I came one Monday but the security guard told me it was closed...bad luck. Last time I was determined to do it so I woke up à 5:30 am to arrive à 7. When I got there it was still night! Some people were already in the line haha!
The exhibition is now over. The tower will be demolished soon as wanted Ben Cheikh. The purpose is to accept that everything has a beginning and an end, nothing lasts forever.

Getting inside the Monster

Once you get inside, the first impression you have is that you litteraly stepping into a whole new universe. For exampke, the scenery below is really amazing. When you step into that room you become the witness of another time and space where everything has been blown up except this table and chair.

As you can see, the artists really used all the angles available to express themselves. The "Universe of Arthur Rimbaud" in the back. Everything from the ground to the roof were used. There were no limit except the artists themselves!

Instagram : robertnai

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